Photos from the Big Lunch and Jo Cox day

Some photos of the neighbourhood celebrating The Big Lunch and Jo Cox Day.

Thanks to everyone who came for the lovely sharing food and joining in the fun. Special thanks goes to Olivier and Catherine (JHERA committee member) for their wonderful contributions, including The Big Lunch sign on Jesus Green, and the bunting and hammocks.

We welcome any new ideas to bring our community together. Let us know if you have any ideas.

Volunteering for Friends of Ion Square Fri 18th Nov

We have the makings of a committed group of people who are all keen to work together to improve Ion Square Gardens. As a start, Ingrid Chen (the “forest school” leader at Columbia Primary School) is welcoming everyone to join a volunteer day and we’re looking to use that day as an opportunity to start “Friends of Ion Square” too.

There’s an interested bunch from JHERA (the Jesus Green estate), St Peter’s Church, the Avebury Estate and the parents and children involved in the “forest school” area in Ion Square run by Columbia Primary School. Together we’ve agreed the first steps towards a collaboration which links all of these groups and seeks to involve a wider range of people too.

We’re scheduling a volunteer session on Friday 18th November 1-3pm, supported by council rangers and welcome to everyone, during which we’d like to:

  • clean up the wilder western part of the park
  • introduce more signage in the wild area
  • remove the low foliage on the eastern perimeter of the wild area in order to increase visibility

This volunteer day is also a great opportunity to generate interest in the wider “Friends of Ion Square” group, so we’re proposing a short tea break after the volunteer session and then a meeting 4-5pm. This group will be listening to the community living close to the park and create a plan for the bigger picture, so that ongoing volunteering efforts are building towards something for the whole community.

Pitching in with the Library of Things

A few members from JHERA are pitching in to get a Library of Things underway in the neighbourhood. It’s going to be based at St Peter’s Church and will offer people that chance to borrow everything from tools and garden equipment to kitchen appliances and carpet cleaners. The project is being supported by Civic and some inspiring women who have started a Library of Things in West Norwood.

We’re beginning the planning stages but hope to have the bare bones up and running in a matter of weeks. Our first planning meeting will be Wednesday (Oct 19) evening from 7:30pm. Please see this webpage for more details.

The long and short of it is, we’re looking for people to:
Cheerlead it – the more (and more diverse range of) people involved in the project, the better, so please spread the word

Run it – join the team planning session to line up the rest of the project (Wed 19th Oct 7.30-8.30pm at St Peter’s)

Clear it – help to prepare the site for the storage units and things (Sat 22nd Oct pm)

Make it – join the gang building and installing the shelves and “kiosk” (Sat 29th Oct pm)

Give it – help us to source and collect useful items from around the area (starting in Nov)

Borrow it – need a thing or know people who do? Come along! (starting in Nov)

Please let us know how you’d like to get involved by filling
in this simple form or contacting JHERA here. Or else just show up at St Peter’s on Wednesday.

Image of Garden tools from  American Garden History is in no way representative of the things the library will offer.