Inaugural Film Night

We had a smashing evening on the green this weekend. Children and adults had a super evening of film, popcorn and delicious hotdogs (some of us had two!).

On behalf of the JHERA committee, members, associates residents and friends, we would like to extend our considerable thanks to Giff, Wendy and Rob for their efforts and perseverance to create such a wonderful inaugural JHERA Film Night. The ovation at the end was well deserved.

Giff and Wendy have asked to add the following:

‘…And a huge thanks to those who lent their equipment:
Rob – projector
Liz & Maria – amp, gazebo and cooking stoves
Kevin – cable cover
Olivier & Catherine – huge canopy
Alex – blackout
Dylan – camping table
Shaun – extension cables
Corinna – for helping serve hotdogs
The audience- for turning up despite the awful weather.

Thanks everyone
Giff & Wendy ‘

Photos from the Big Lunch and Jo Cox day

Some photos of the neighbourhood celebrating The Big Lunch and Jo Cox Day.

Thanks to everyone who came for the lovely sharing food and joining in the fun. Special thanks goes to Olivier and Catherine (JHERA committee member) for their wonderful contributions, including The Big Lunch sign on Jesus Green, and the bunting and hammocks.

We welcome any new ideas to bring our community together. Let us know if you have any ideas.

Old photos

Many will know about the fish market that was built at the West end of Columbia Road in 1869 and too soon after (circa 1958) was demolished. We’ve found a picture of the building we’ve not seen before and also some other photos from around the web, so thought they’d be worth sharing.

If you have any photos that you’d like to share of your own or that you’ve found please let us know.

Mini Olympics round up

Thanks to the amazing generosity of Rob and Adam, the Mini Olympics battled through the elements and everyone succeeded in making it an amazing afternoon. The children were oblivious to the rain and had fun leaping, hoping and tangerine and spoon racing. They were also thrilled to see their parents battling it out in the parents’ tug of war. Here are a few photos from the day. Do send us more if you have them.

Angela Flanders Funeral

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Residents will know that Columbia Road stalwart Angela Flanders has passed away. For over 30 years Angela was at the forefront of the rebirth of the Artisan Shops on the street. She was sent off in fine style by her daughter Kate and family to whom we extend our condolences. A floral tribute was sent from JHERA.

And below, a message from Kate thanking JHERA.

Thanks you note from Kate