Barnet Grove in 1979

As Spring approaches and we are outside on our green spaces more I thought you’d be interested in this shot taken on Barnet Grove in 1979 of what is now Jesus Green. The archway was opposite Wimbolt Street and led into a small wood factory. Houses surrounded what is now the green on all sides, but these were the first to be demolished in what was a planned levelling of the estate. We have JHERA to thank for saving the remaining dwellings as it was set up to fight the further demolition. There was a plan to extend a dual carriageway through our area to link up with another to Shoreditch High Street, or so the rumour went. Luckily this was never enacted. I have no idea who the man is and we have LBTH history archives to thank for this shot.

Barnet Grove pre demolition of houses on Jesus Green

Developers to present plans for Haggerston Baths

A meeting in which two developers will present their proposals for the nearby Haggerston Baths is set for 12 April. Pictures and a few details of the baths are available here (also see here and here).

Opening day of Haggerson Baths in 1904, with amphitheatre style raked seating.
Details of the “Panel discussion/Q&A” are available on the Hackney Council website, here.

The “Panel discussion/Q&A”:
Wednesday 12 April, 6.30pm – 8pm
Centre 151
151 Whiston Rd
E2 8BL

Drop in sessions:
Tuesday 28 March, 6pm – 8pm
Thursday 27 April, 6pm – 8pm
Centre 151
151 Whiston Rd
E2 8BL

Proposed temporary school in Haggerston Park

A proposal for a temporary school on Haggerston Park’s depot is being considered by Hackney Council. Some information is available on Hackney Council’s website, here (under the heading Audrey Street).

We’ve received a letter addressed to Hackney’s Mayor Pipe from Fiona Banner, Chair of the Haggerston Park User Group, criticising the plans. You can download the letter here.

To have your say write to:

Jules Pipe
Mayor of LB Hackney
Hackney Town Hall
Mare Street
London E8 1EA

Or use this online contact form.