Barnet Grove in 1979

As Spring approaches and we are outside on our green spaces more I thought you’d be interested in this shot taken on Barnet Grove in 1979 of what is now Jesus Green. The archway was opposite Wimbolt Street and led into a small wood factory. Houses surrounded what is now the green on all sides, but these were the first to be demolished in what was a planned levelling of the estate. We have JHERA to thank for saving the remaining dwellings as it was set up to fight the further demolition. There was a plan to extend a dual carriageway through our area to link up with another to Shoreditch High Street, or so the rumour went. Luckily this was never enacted. I have no idea who the man is and we have LBTH history archives to thank for this shot.

Barnet Grove pre demolition of houses on Jesus Green

3 thoughts on “Barnet Grove in 1979”

  1. Nice to see the arch and arched windows. There aren’t any on the estate now, I don’t think?

  2. I think you will find that the photo was taken before the silver jubilee in 1977 as I have a photo of the street party with the houses demolished

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