Help using this site and with JHERA membership

Need help with joining the JHERA site or with the membership groups and forums? We’ll try to walk you through the details below. If you have any unanswered questions, please contact us via our contact page.


Website Registration and JHERA Membership
Members profiles
Groups and Forums
Visibility and use of membership details

Website Registration and JHERA Membership

To be a member of the Jesus Hospital Estate Residents Association (JHERA), you need to register either on this site or by completing a paper registration. Your registration details will be used to create a JHERA membership profile and we’ll use your email to send you the regular newsletter, and occasional small news items and information about neighbourhood events and activities.

Register here, or by selecting Register in the left-hand pain of this page.

JHERA has two types of membership:

Types Description
JHERA Member Anyone living within the boundary as defined in the constitution, and who has requested membership either via the website, or registering at a JEHRA event or by completing a membership form. JHERA Members have voting rights.
Associate Member Anyone who does not live within the Boundary, but has requested to receive information from JHERA. They may attend JHERA events when invited but have no voting rights.

When you register, we ask that you choose the right option from the drop down menu and that you provide your street address if you select JHERA Member or your interest in the neighbourhood if Associate Member.

All registration entries will be vetted by the site moderators. Once ok’d an email will be sent confirming membership.

Members Profile Pages

All registered members have a profile page accessed by using this link or selecting ‘Profile’ from the menu to the left of this page. Via their profiles, members can view and edit the details entered at registration (see below to check who can see what) and change their profile photo.

From the profile page, members can also access their own recent activity and notifications, or access details about the groups and forums they are part of.

Finally, members can change their settings for the JHERA website, including their email address, passwords, what they receive, and what profile information is and to whom (see Visibility and use of membership details). The table below summarises these pages.

Page sub-pages
Profile View, Edit, Change profile photo
Activity Personal, Mentions, Favourites, Groups
Notifications Unread, Read
Groups Memberships, Invitations
Forums Topics started, Replies created, Favourites, Subscriptions
Settings General, Email, Profile Visibility, Delete Account

Groups and Forums

Once a JHERA member, residents can join three groups and three forums. A list of the groups and forums can be seen by selecting “Groups” or “Forums” in the menu to the left or following either of these link: Groups/Forums.

The following table summarises the groups and forums.

Groups Forums
All members Message Board
Social events group Social events forum
Green spaces and gardening group Green spaces and gardening forum

Members are automatically registered with the “All members” group, which means they receive JHERA emails, news on activities and events in the neighbourhood, and the regular JHERA newsletter. They are also automatically subscribed to the JHERA message board. This is the general discussion forum for JHERA, where all members can post anything to do with local news, information, queries, etc.

Any JHERA member can join the other two groups Social events and Green spaces and gardening. As their names suggest, these are specialist forums for members interested in helping with the respective topics. To join a group, go to the groups page and click on “Join Group”. You must also manually subscribe to the associated forums for these two groups. Visit the forums for either and select “Subscribe”. You can leave a group or unsubscribe from a forum at any time.

Visibility and use of membership details

Only registered members can access member information on this site. All members can access content such as group pages, forums, and member lists. JHERA members can also see information published about the resident association such as meeting minutes, accounts, etc. Associate member can see meeting minutes but not information posted on the association’s finances/accounts.

Any page that can be viewed by Resident and Associate members only will display “Members area” in the lower, left hand corner of the page (below the menus).

As well as these general protections, members can choose what visibility their details have. The defaults are as follows:

Field Default visibility
Name (required) JHERA members only (cannot be changed)
Membership (required) Only me (edit)
Street address (optional) Only me (edit)
Resident since (optional) JHERA members only (edit)
Biography (optional) JHERA members only (edit)
Website (optional) All registered users edit (edit)

These visibility settings can be changed at registration or via the profile pages, here.

All information and individual details collected for this site and for the residents association will be used for the purposes of managing and running JHERA. Unless it is explicitly agreed by the people involved, no information will be shared with third parties.