Tower Hamlets “Ask the Mayor” on 14 Nov

John Biggs, Mayor of Tower Hamlets, is inviting residents to the next ‘Ask the Mayor’ question and answer event on Tuesday 14 November at St Hilda’s East Community Centre, 18 Club Row, E2 7EY from 7.30pm – 9pm.

The ‘Ask the Mayor’ session gives local people the chance to put questions to Mayor Biggs, to quiz him about plans for the borough and tell him about issues that need resolving.

The Mayor recently returned Henry Moore’s statue, Old Flo to the borough and has allocated £3m of funding to increase the number of council funded police officers and keep the streets safe.

If you would like to raise questions or concerns with the Mayor, but you are unable to attend on the night, send your questions to [email protected] or call 020 7364 4389.

Remembrance Sunday Ion Square 12 Nov

There are 168 men noted as fallen in WWI in the parish records of St Peters’ and St Thomas Churches. A group of volunteers have been researching the lives of these men with a view to celebrating their lives. Come on Sunday November 12th to this brief act of Remembrance and hear about the lives of just a few of those who fell in 1917. Next year we plan a larger event to note the centenary of the end of that conflict.

Inaugural Film Night

We had a smashing evening on the green this weekend. Children and adults had a super evening of film, popcorn and delicious hotdogs (some of us had two!).

On behalf of the JHERA committee, members, associates residents and friends, we would like to extend our considerable thanks to Giff, Wendy and Rob for their efforts and perseverance to create such a wonderful inaugural JHERA Film Night. The ovation at the end was well deserved.

Giff and Wendy have asked to add the following:

‘…And a huge thanks to those who lent their equipment:
Rob – projector
Liz & Maria – amp, gazebo and cooking stoves
Kevin – cable cover
Olivier & Catherine – huge canopy
Alex – blackout
Dylan – camping table
Shaun – extension cables
Corinna – for helping serve hotdogs
The audience- for turning up despite the awful weather.

Thanks everyone
Giff & Wendy ‘

Big Lunch and Jo Cox day 2017

Big Lunch sign on Jesus Green

We’ll be celebrating the Big Lunch and Jo Cox day next Sunday (18th June). Hoping things will get going at 1pm on Jesus Green, but of course everyone welcome whenever they can make it. Do bring, food, drink and picnic gear, and anything you’d like to share.

Oh, and our regular Flower Market performer Jonny Holland will be playing for us!

Halloween and Guy Fawkes celebrations

For Halloween there’s going to be an after School Party for children – Monday 31 October. Please contact us for further details.

For Guy Fawkes, all residents are invited to join neighbours on Jesus Green for our traditional celebration event at 6:30pm on Wednesday 2nd November. There will be sausages and a bonfire.

Community feast on Saturday 1st October

On Saturday, Oct 1st, from 1-4pm, Tilly and her sister Madeleine are running a “community feast” for Stand Together in Tower Hamlets.


Here’s Tilly’s describes Stand Together and the feast:

Following the referendum result in June, my sister, Madeleine, and I founded Stand Together in Tower Hamlets. Stand Together aims to increase tolerance and engagement in the borough and beyond. To this end, as a group, we have organised a community feast between 1pm and 4pm at St Peter’s Mission Hall in Bethnal Green, E2 7DA. The idea is that the feast will bring together diverse communities from across the borough, with people bringing food to share. There will be music, an auction and areas where people can come together to talk and get to know each other. We hope this will be the first of many community feasts and currently plan to hold them quarterly. We would love it if you would like to join us for our first feast, and indeed if you could spread the word about it amongst your friends, family and contacts.

For more information about Stand Together, please see our website: For the link to the Facebook event, please click here.

Mini Olympics round up

Thanks to the amazing generosity of Rob and Adam, the Mini Olympics battled through the elements and everyone succeeded in making it an amazing afternoon. The children were oblivious to the rain and had fun leaping, hoping and tangerine and spoon racing. They were also thrilled to see their parents battling it out in the parents’ tug of war. Here are a few photos from the day. Do send us more if you have them.