Newsletter June 2011


The AGM is being held on a Saturday evening in the hope that some of you who have children will be able to attend. After the meeting, we will have a glass of wine (soft drinks and ice cream for the kids) and some nibbles. The only business on the agenda will be to approve the accounts, approve the re-­‐worked constitution and elect a committee.

To this end, we are inviting offers and suggestions from those who would be willing to serve on the committee. We are very much hoping that we can have a representative from each street (road or grove). This way the load can be shared and we can be sure of lots of input. Please put your names forward before the AGM to me at the usual email address. (see below)

Our thanks to those 34 households who responded to going paper free. Your support is much appreciated. If you would like to join in with trying to be more environmentally friendly and are happy to just get an email copy, please email with your name and address to [email protected]­‐

Two recent events to report on. We had a fabulous wine tasting at Augustin’s wine shop on Ezra Street. We were treated to 6 examples of French wines with small tapas to accompany them. JHERA has bought some bottles of the most popular wines to have at the AGM.

Then, despite the weather, we had a wonderful Big Lunch picnic. The share table was absolutely laden with food. Our thanks to Sophie who organized it and to all those special people who helped in so many ways. Without you these events would not run nearly so smoothly.

Aine Ovenden did the face painting.
Races were organised by Ben Fletcher and Rob Newlan
Bunting came from Martin Orton .
Lemonade was made by Jessie and Damian Mlinaric, with Magnus and Stella Ice-­‐creams organised by Vanessa Kirkpatrick – it almost persuaded us the sun was shining.
Carol Lindsay-­‐Smith was the champion rubbish-­‐lady ensuring the green was left tidier than it started.
Tony Tedore created the food quiz and
Naomi Howarth drew the lovely leaflets with picnic games.
And thank goodness we were saved from the rain by Olivier Geoffroy’s amazing marquee

The choice for the winner of the poster competition was very difficult and we gave special commendations to 92 and 94 Barnet Grove, 8 and 18 Elwin Street,