Kids’ Community Christmas Disco

It’s that Christmas disco time of year with special guests **Santa** and **DJ Dan**

Saturday 8th December, St Peter’s Hall

This year, we’re organising something a little quieter for the younger ones earlier on; to be followed by pumping disco beats for the older ones (+ parents!).

Schedule as follows:
2.30 – Under 3’s festive music with real instruments
3.15 – Santa will meet the younger ones
3.30 – Older kids (but still primary school age) arrive to meet Santa
3.45 – 5.30 – DJ Dan!!

Drinks will be provided for kids. Please bring some food, savoury or sweet, for the sharing table. You are also welcome to bring wine.

Please note, this is not a drop off party.

PLEASE RSVP, giving the age of your child, so that Santa knows approximately how many goody bags to organise!
And if anyone has any ideas for low-price crowd-pleasing non-plastic items for the goody bags, please let us know and we will pass the message on to Santa.

Bethnal Green Health Centre – Garden Project

In autumn of 2017, Rex Thornborough got to hear about the wild patch of land at the back of the local GP surgery. He could see there was potential to turn it into a garden for enjoyment of staff and patients and he drew a plan to create a small scale physic garden. At JHERA’s AGM in 2017 he described the project, asked for a show of hands as to how many JHERA members are patients at BGHC – big majority – and then proposed that, as a way of appreciating the good care that so many of us get, JHERA could make a donation towards the costs of getting it going. A donation of up to £600 was unanimously agreed.

Unfortunately pressure of other big projects prevented Rex from directly working on the garden. But with help of an experienced gardener from Hackney City Farm (Rita A) and a few patient volunteers, the garden is taking shape. Up to now progress has relied on loaned or donated tools, hardware and plants. But its now at a stage where JHERA’s donation is needed to buy essential hardware and plants.

It would save money for future use if any JHERA members could donate anything on the garden shopping list (below). Please leave a comment below of email [email protected] if you have any offers – or if you are interested in getting involved on the ground.

BGHC Garden Shopping list April 2018
The list shows what is needed to progress work now. It’s based on ideas from Rex’s original plans + input from Rita from Hackney City Farm, taking account of soil conditions and the way the sun and light falls. Further ideas have come from patient volunteers.

    Seccateurs x 2
    Hand trowel &fork set
    2 watering cans with 2 rose head sizes
    Yard brush for cleaning up hard areas, leaves etc.
    Leaf grabber. (with handles to minimise bending)
    Water butt already sourced but pipe and fittings still needed.
    Replacement fitting for existing hose.
    MJ Relam panic bolt replacement fittings to make both gates secure x 2.
    Plastic membrane (approx 4 c m. to put down in cleared area under trees.)
    Woodchip for newly cleared area.
    Soil & compost for filling planters, starting seeds, cuttings, re-potting. 6 – 8 bags multi purpose
    . Wild flower & grass seed. Medium package
    More herbs inc. Sage, lemon balm, marjoram Rosemary etc? To fill in existing beds and alongside left hand fence (incorporating ideas from Rex’s plan)
    Various seasonal flowering bulbs inc bluebells to go under trees.
    Various seasonal bedding plants for planters and beds. (some already donated)
    Budddleia & Rosa Galicia to go along back wall. (Rex suggestions) (metal fence already in place to support them.) Suggestions for other climbers to fill in space along back wall & left hand fence
    *** clematis montana.. (Not evergreen) good in shade, grows fast..
    *** Jasmine Nudiflorum. Flowers through the winter…
    *** Honeysuckle L. henryi (evergreen) fast growing or Lonicera Japonica
    Bird feeder. Bird boxes (hoping someone will make them, Bird Food.
    Worms for wormery. (already set up in donated wormery!)

A number of tools, planters, woodchip, 2 compost bins, wormery,and variety of plants have already been donated. Anything else donated will save money for future plants and shrubs.

Tower Hamlets “Ask the Mayor” on 14 Nov

John Biggs, Mayor of Tower Hamlets, is inviting residents to the next ‘Ask the Mayor’ question and answer event on Tuesday 14 November at St Hilda’s East Community Centre, 18 Club Row, E2 7EY from 7.30pm – 9pm.

The ‘Ask the Mayor’ session gives local people the chance to put questions to Mayor Biggs, to quiz him about plans for the borough and tell him about issues that need resolving.

The Mayor recently returned Henry Moore’s statue, Old Flo to the borough and has allocated £3m of funding to increase the number of council funded police officers and keep the streets safe.

If you would like to raise questions or concerns with the Mayor, but you are unable to attend on the night, send your questions to [email protected] or call 020 7364 4389.

Remembrance Sunday Ion Square 12 Nov

There are 168 men noted as fallen in WWI in the parish records of St Peters’ and St Thomas Churches. A group of volunteers have been researching the lives of these men with a view to celebrating their lives. Come on Sunday November 12th to this brief act of Remembrance and hear about the lives of just a few of those who fell in 1917. Next year we plan a larger event to note the centenary of the end of that conflict.

AGM Monday 6th November

We’ll be holding this year’s JHERA AGM Monday 6th November at 8:15PM. It’ll be held ‘Upstairs’ at The Royal Oak Pub, 73 Columbia Road.

The AGM will be followed by JHERA Drinks.

We are looking for more members on the committee. The committee tends to meet once every two months and meetings last about 1.5 hours. Discussions can be robust, but meetings are always followed by a friendly drink. Between meetings business is conducted via email, so email access is essential to being a fully functioning committee member but lack of access does not preclude membership to the committee. Other responsibilities are shared by the willing, including the organisation of social events. Non committee members get involved in helping out, so if you’re worried about your time commitment, then it’s really about 12 hours a year!

Any registered member of JHERA can lodge with the Secretary. Motions which must be lodged with the secretary 14 days before the AGM, i.e. Monday 23rd October.

o A motion should be a clear statement which needs a YES/NO response. It can be accompanied by a statement of background information.
o The motion may be amended by the AGM.
o The result of vote will be binding on the Committee.
o Members are advised to discuss their motions with the Chair, or a member of the committee before submitting it, but they do not have to do so.

Topics for the discussion must be lodged with the secretary 7 days before the AGM. Topics will be discussed as long as there is time at the AGM.

Consultation on proposed traffic improvements

Many of you will have seen the flyer posted through doors inviting feedback on proposed traffic improvements in our neighbourhood.

Map of  neighbourhood

We wanted to share the link and encourage participation. The proposed closure of Ravenscroft Road (3 on the map) in particular is something many have wanted in order to reduce speeding and other anti-social behaviour, so it would help a lot to show our continued support for this.

To provide feedback follow this link:

Weavers Area Traffic Improvements