Minutes of JHERA AGM 18 June 2011


  • Ken Marshall
  • June Marshall
  • Angela Flanders
  • Jackie Bryant
  • Carol Budd
  • Kate Evans
  • Olivia Hartridge
  • Betty Kemp
  • Christopher Moisan
  • Flossie Dix
  • Linda Wilkinson
  • Iris Sansom
  • Kathy Darby
  • Tim Potter
  • Stephanie Clark


  • Wanda Briggs (Chair)
  • Tony Tedore (Treasurer)
  • Frances Jagodzinska (Secretary)
  • Marie Sleigh
  • Liz Francis
  • Stuart Briggs

The meeting began with Stephanie asking for the previous minutes and suggesting that the AGM was null and void without them.  Since the previous minutes were not available because the minute taker had not transposed them or produced them for the meeting, it was agreed to move on and proceed.

Some people stated that they had not been aware of the previous AGM held at The Marksman and as this discussion was becoming rather acrimonious and threatening to take over, the Chair asked the meeting to move on.  It was noted that communications do go out to all houses on the estate and also to those on the email list.


1. Constitution changes

2. Election of Committee


1. Constitution changes
A question was asked as to why the committee had decided to modify the constitution.  The answer was that the committee wanted to bring the constitution more up to date – it had not been changed since it was written in 1985.

Stephanie had copied some original versions of the constitution and Wanda thanked her and apologised for not thinking to do the same having brought only copies of the updated version.

Re: Associate membership is also open to anyone living in the nearby environs.

The question was asked about this and the committee felt that there were people who lived in the near environs who had shown an interest in being part of the community.  The meeting was reminded that Tony Tedore, who has been the treasurer for about 10 years, strictly speaking, also does not live within the common bounds.  However, people felt that somehow, the associate members could hijack meetings with their own agenda.

– Carol pointed out that there was a historical issue re. others wanting JHERA to take on other issues.

– Stephanie said that as an example, the risk of building developments nearby in future where associate members could possibly over-rule JHERA interests.

It was suggested that the wording could be changed to more clearly define “associate membership”

– Wanda pointed out that the money that JHERA gets through filming which largely takes place in Ezra Street is a street which, in fact, is not within the traditional JHERA boundary.  So the people most disturbed by the filming would be prevented from enjoying the subsidized events if they could not join.

– Ken suggested that we delay voting on changes to the constitution to allow more time to consider these changes.  He felt that it might be that the unity of the estate could be compromised by the inclusion of associates.

There was more acrimonious discussion

– Wanda called a halt to this and stated that since there were actually only two people who lived in Horatio Street who had asked to join, this particular amendment could be struck off.

– Stephanie continued the discussion by stating that Wellington Row, south side, was not included either.  She added that estates usually have their own associations and that we have had mixed meetings before.

– Tony pointed out that over £1000 was given last year from filming, mainly in Ezra Street and to draw fine lines could mean that this income would be lost (since so few become actual members, this was 80 – 90% of the total income)


At this time, Frances had to leave and Liz took over the minutes.


The meeting then went through the main points of the amended constitution.

– under MEMBERSHIP, the revised change is:

Membership shall be open to anyone living on the Jesus Hospital estate whether home owner or tenant regardless of race, colour or religion

– delete associate membership sentence


Re: New members joining at a General meeting may not contribute or vote until the following General meeting.


–  It was agreed UNANIMOUSLY to remove “contribute or”


Proposal:  To delete the “new members” sentence

For 8   Against 9   Abstentions 3

Sentence is not deleted.


There was then discussion about all the other minor changes to the constitution and these are reflected in the JHERA Constitution 2011.


The treasurer, Tony Tedore offered the accounts of the previous year.  There was a surfeit of £3,991.00


Ken suggested that a contingency should be kept aside for possible legal costs or campaigns.

Tony felt that the members could make this decision when, or even, if, this situation ever arose and this was generally agreed.


Committee and Membership


Most households are now opting to have electronic newsletters.  Paper versions are still being delivered to those who have requested them.


Wanda thanked all the committee members, Tony, Frances, Marie, Stuart, Carol (Lyndsay Smith) and Joseph for their hard work and dedication.  Carol and Joseph are stepping down.


Election of Committee:

Stephanie offered herself as Chair saying that she would only do this if she could have a competent backup of committee members.

Marie wondered if perhaps she was suggesting that those already on the committee and willing to stand again were somehow less than competent.


Stephanie then withdrew her offer.


Wanda Briggs was re-elected Chair, unopposed.

Tony Tedore was re-elected Treasurer

Marie Sleigh was re-elected Events Manager

Frances Jagodzinska was re-elected Secretary

Stuart Briggs was re-elected as Membership Secretary

Liz Francis, Olivia Hartridge and Chris Moisan were elected as Committee Members


Kate Evans was elected as Durant Street rep

Iris Sansom was elected Baxendale Street rep


Annual membership fees were kept at £10 per person, waged; £7 per person, unwaged;

£5, per O.A.P. All children under 18 are to be free when their parents are members.


The meeting concluded at 6.55pm


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