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The topic for this next general meeting is one for which we have received the most number of emails….. DRUGS! And anti-social behaviour around the issue of drug dealing.

Unfortunately, there has been a huge rise in the number and incidents of drug dealing in our area. People have been seen shooting up on Ion Square and on Baxendale Street in the morning; syringes are regularly found in the bushes. I have personally stumbled across one particular dealer counting out handfuls of wraps. The dealing is now so blatant that I’m sure you have all seen a deal going down at one point or another.

The good news is that after much negotiating and lobbying, we have persuaded the head of local policing to take firm and direct action and this will be happening over the coming weeks.

Come to the meeting to share what you know or see and find out how we can work together to move these dealers on.

On a happier note, there are some upcoming events for you to join:

Saturday 3 September from 17.00 : Free ale on the green if it’s sunny or Sunday 4 instead. Bring a mug or glass or tankard.

Sunday 18 September at 17.00: Bowling down Brick Lane. Get your teams together for a thrilling round of ten pin bowling. Children are very welcome – they supply edges and/or racks to make it easier for the kids. Subsidised cost for members is £5 (includes a drink). Email Wanda or pop a request through the door of 84 or phone 7366.9365 to book your places. Numbers are limited, so get in on the fun.

Docklands Museum: We are arranging an outing for the older folk to go to the Docklands Museum (looking like a date in October, tbc). Transport and teas will be provided for a small contribution. If you would like to come along for an interesting day out, please contact Carol Lindsay Smith on 020 77294405.

The website will soon be fully singing and dancing and there are some very useful aspects like the Noticeboard where we can sell unwanted items, offer things for free, get a reliable pet or house sitter etc. Once fully functioning, we’re sure you will find it your daily click. In the meanwhile, helpful suggestions are very welcome.

If you would be happy to go paper free to reduce our printing and paper costs (and be a bit more environmentally friendly), please email your email and sign up. Those renting, please do feel included and join in with activities. All are welcome.

We hope to see you at the next meeting on Tuesday, 13 September at 20.00.

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