Drop-in meeting to allocate Mayor’s “You Decide” funds 2014

When: Monday February 17th, 6.30 to 8.30pm (note time was originally 5.30 – 9.30pm but has now changed)
Where: St Hilda’s East, 18 Club Row, E2
Why: On December 13th the Weavers Community Forum met to consider how to spend the £10,000 on offer under the Mayor’s “You Decide” programme. Rather than split the sum, people agreed it would be better to find one project that responded to all the concerns they had about life in Weavers – childhood obesity, lack of greenery, grime, and anti-social behaviour due to bad planning, poor health and isolation. The Weavers Green Walk, they decided, met all those needs in different ways. It was also a project that would involve all the ward and not just one section, and would be permanent rather than a one-off.

The Community Forum is meeting again on Monday February 17th and would like you to come and take part in shaping the Weavers Green Walk. We want as many people as possible to participate – schools, surgeries, neighbourhood groups and TRAs, businesses and others. We propose developing a map that will carry on changing and that would do two things:

1. Pinpoint the good green places – from front gardens and verges to parks
2. Pinpoint the bad places that need improvement – eg, lighting, planting, calming etc.

The Walk would encourage people to exercise, to find new play places for children, to discover more corners, shops, historic places, and more. It would draw up a systematic plan to present to the borough the areas that badly need attention and make them welcoming and pleasant places to be in.

Please come and support the Weavers Green Walk and share ideas on what it should contain, how it should be publicised, how it should change the community. Should it have circuits with information on how far a person has walked, for exercise? Should it be a booklet, a website or maybe an app for a smart phone? How should people contribute to it, so that it is a living growing reflection of how we feel about life in the borough?

We aim to have a huge map of Weavers on February 17th and stickers to put on good and less good areas. We will be in St Hilda’s between 6.30 and 8.30pm, so please drop-in and have your say. Come and join in Talking the Walk. And look here to see an innovative example of how you can enter places you like or don’t like online.

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