Local Crime and Police Walk About

JHERA has been alerted to a number of muggings and attempted muggings in and around our neighbourhood before Christmas and post Christmas. The latest attack happened on Wednesday 16th January, when one of our residents was chased down the street by two teenagers on Boris bikes, one on the pavement and one on the road. Luckily she managed to get into her house before they could grab her bag or worse. Please continue to report any incidents or suspicious behaviour to the police on 999 or 101, otherwise they will assume crime has reduced in the area if they do not receive any complaints. A leaflet from community officers advises that there will be a ‘walk about’ to look at community safety in the area on 24th January from 4pm to 5.30pm. It will start at Allen Gardens (the junction with Buxton Street and Code Street, just off Brick Lane) and continue onto Scalter St, Clifton House, Club Row, Walton and Henley House, Dunmore Point, Columbia Road market and Jellicoe House. They are urging residents to just turn up at any of the meeting points in order to put forward their points to the police.

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