Proposed Constitution

We have a new draft constitution! You can view it here.

At the 2015 JHERA AGM the committee agreed to bring an updated version of the Constitution to the 2016 meeting. The area has changed greatly since the inception of the organisation and, although it had been updated over the years, it was felt that it was time for it to be revisited. The document is aimed at giving us a robust and precise understanding of what the organisation is in the 21st century and defines more specifically the responsibilities of the Committee which represents JHERA. The JHERA Constitution from 1979 is here.

The Committee has spent a good deal of time on this and we have arrived at a document which we are all happy to present to you. It is however, six pages in length. A synopsis of the proposed Constitution is available here.

If you have comments or questions, or you wish a hard copy please contact us here.

Please send us comments in advance of the AGM in order that we can be prepared for any changes that the AGM may wish to make.

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