Weaver Ward Panel Meeting – report

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• New Policing Strategy
Weavers now has fewer dedicated police. PC Graham Pringle, and PCSO Noorul Islam are dedicated to Weavers. The new Sergeant, Colin Reid, is fighting to get more to increase patrol time.
• Pickpocketing on Columbia Road
Columbia Flower Market is a hotspot for pickpockets and thefts from buggies. There are crime prevention signs going up Friday to Monday and information in shop keepers windows. High Visibility Officers and Plain Clothes Officers are patrolling the Market and they will have access to the local council Community Engagement Vehicle.
• Rough sleepers / Streetlink
The rough sleepers have been targeted by Streetlink and they have focused on Ion Square. No reports of people sleeping there currently, but we need to contact them if we see anyone there again. The nationwide number is 0845 2206464 and it is operated 24 hours. You can also refer via www.streetlink.org.uk but you have to give an accurate description of location and if possible individuals or number of individuals.
• Drugs on Boundary Estate
The Boundary Estate has been identified as one of the main problems for drug supply and use. Recently there was a 5 hour drugs and weapons sweep where they checked all of the Boundary Estate common areas. Nothing was found which is good news. The Police reported a lack of calls about drug issues in Jesus Green recently. Please do report anything you see to the 101 number. This will ensure that problems are identified and where the hotspots are. If you see something that needs urgent attention then call the local Weavers police on 0208 721 2043. The THEOʼs number is 0800 9175918.
• Saturation Zone
There is a Saturation Zone consultation happening that could benefit Jesus Green. Currently it covers Brick Lane down to Whitechapel and it allows the Police and THEOs to stop and disperse groups of 2 or more who are engaging in anti-social behaviour. This strategy could potentially be extended from Brick Lane north to Hackney Road and cover Jesus Green. It could help to disperse the late night drinkers on the Green. Please keep reporting issues that concern you so it can be recorded and the strategy may cover our area later this year.

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