Update on Jesus Green Improvements

We met with the Council last year to see what they could do out of their budget. At the end of last year the Council added soil to level off the dips in the grass and reseeded the bare patches. We asked for and got some new planters at the paved area at the end of the Green to provide a bit more colour. We met with representatives from Tower Hamlets including their Prinicpal Arborist who has reviewed the trees on the Green. He identified that there was a degree of overplanting and crowding in the South side of the Green and has recommended removing some trees along Quilter Street side which are in poor health as a consequence of this. The Council made a start on painting the railings; we will continue to follow up to push for the job to be completed.

A few people had mentioned that the small garden on the end of Baxendale Street/Barnet Grove could do with a bit of attention. We asked the Council to put the gate back on and remove loose paving which has been done. We proposed that we create a small growing garden in this space for Columbia Primary School. This would involve fencing off a section which is currently plain grass. The school would create some raised beds there for the children to grow plants and flowers. The Council are happy with the proposal and have met with JHERA and the Headteacher to discuss. A letter will go out to surrounding streets about this although due to staff changes at the Council it seems to be taking longer than anticipated!

There is the potential of doing further work on the Green ourselves but we would need to pay for it and maintain it long term. As it stands, we are only responsible for maintaining the herb garden. We thought it would be a good idea to get that sorted out before we take on anything else…!

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