Police update: recent security incidents

There have been two security incidents on the estate that we have been made aware of recently. Firstly, one of our elderly residents was approached at her home in Quilter St by a professional looking security specialist who had ‘I.D.’. He said he was working on behalf of the Police and Tower Hamlets. The resident invited him into her home to check her security; the only thing that alerted her to his behaviour was him putting on gloves to check out the lock on her back door. The police were contacted, carried out a security check on her home and have his description.

A neighbour alerted JHERA to the second incident: two suspicious looking people were hanging around the house on the corner of Barnet Grove and Elwin St. She told them someone lived there, but later on they were banging on the door and windows. Thanks to this neighbour for passing on this information. The Police were contacted and carried out a Welfare check on the elderly neighbour and will continue to check on her and the property over the coming weeks.

Please be aware of anyone whose behaviour seems out of sorts and contact the Police 101 non emergency number or Jhera so we can contact them on your behalf.

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