Improvements to Jesus Green

We’ve had a couple of meetings with the Council – here’s an update on what they have agreed to do:

– The railings will be repainted on 20 November.
– The grass has been reseeded this week, including adding additional topsoil to level out uneven areas.
– Two raised planters have been placed on the paved area at the end of the Green. They will be planted and maintained by the Council.
– Bulbs will be planted by end November. The location is to be confirmed but it won’t be in the middle of the grass like last time. We’ve invited children from Columbia School to join in the planting.
– The Council has conducted a survey of the all the trees and propose to remove some of the ones along the Quilter Street side that are planted in a double/triple row. They will provide a detailed report on this which we will share when we receive it – likely by the beginning of December.
– Regarding the small garden at the point of Columbia Road and Baxendale, the Council has agreed to replace the broken gate (finally!) and will also remove the broken paving.
– There is a proposal to create a gardening area for Columbia School in part of the park adjacent to the flats on Baxendale Street. This would be set up by the Council and maintained by the school.

As ever, if you have any concerns, please contact us here.

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