Tower Hamlets meeting on antisocial behaviour (28 Feb)

A meeting is being planned to discuss antisocial behaviour in Tower Hamlets on 28th Feb, at 6:30PM. The message below from Cllr John Pierce and Cllr Abdul Mukit give details.

Dear neighbour

Over the last few years, many residents have complained to us, your ward councillors, about the ongoing issue of anti-social behaviour in our ward. We have had some successes however the problem persists. We are still seeing high levels of drugs related anti-social behaviour on our street corners, in our stairwells and on our doorsteps.

Often people feel powerless and frustrated with the response from the local Police (who do their best with limited capacity), the Council and local landlords and it feels like nobody is taking a lead on the unique challenges facing the neighbourhoods of Weavers Ward.

Mayor John Biggs has commissioned a review of the Council’s approach to tackling anti-social behaviour, to look at innovative ways to ensure that our local services and agencies work together with local people to tackle this problem. Our ward has been made the top priority for a new approach.

Please join us to discuss this new approach and how we can being to solve our anti-social behaviour problem together.

Date: Tuesday 28 February
Venue: Tower Hamlets Professional Development Centre, 229 Bethnal Green Rd, London E2 6AB.
Time: 6.30pm

This new approach involves local people, the Police, the Council, local landlords, our Mayor and councillors forming an agreement to work together to solve this problem. This approach has been successful in other parts of the country such as Oldham.

I would be grateful if you could join us for this workshop. Please also invite your neighbours as we need as many people as possible to sign up for this new approach.

King regards

John and Chunu

Cllr John Pierce and Cllr Abdul Mukit MBE
Labour Councillors for Weavers Ward
London Borough of Tower Hamlets

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