News from the Freedom Passers

Most people will know that JHERA gives a share of its film income to support the Freedom Passers of Jesus Green. This is not a club, no formalities, just a low key way of keeping in touch with older residents, mainly through deliveries of fish and chips or pie and mash with a few other events throughout the year and extras at Easter and Christmas.

Some of our oldest neighbours have lived here all their lives and remember the neighbourhood before there was a Jesus Green. (At least two of the current Freedom Passers were involved in fighting off plans to drive a major road through the estate and celebrated their victory by setting up the original “JERA” and having a tug of war on the new but tree-less Jesus Green.)

Although the original residents are elderly, and inevitably each year some will move to live with family or become too frail and go into care or pass away, we are fortunate to still have neighbours who have lived through the history of this place and can tell us their experience of sleeping in an Anderson shelter thru the war or being evacuated at short notice to tiny villages in Suffolk or Norfolk. They remember a pub on every corner, a baker and butcher down the street, & running to the same Columbia Road School where our children go today.


At least 10 older Freedom Passers joined in the Big Lunch on the Green – a rare chance to sit down, eat, drink and natter with old friends, some of whom hadn’t seen each other for years, despite living so close.

The most recent event was a special Sunday Roast Dinner cooked by two young men who live among us but are too modest to be named! Their wonderful food was delivered to a dozen of our oldest neighbours. Coming up in September will be a return to fish&chips deliveries and more.

Please note that anyone who lives within our boundaries and has a Freedom Pass is welcome to join in with whatever we manage to do. If you are interested, please contact us here and we’ll pass your details on to Carol who is supporting this.

Sad news

Some people will remember Yvonne Harris who grew up in Wimbolt Street and in later years lived with her husband Jimmy in Baxendale Street.  Jimmy died earlier this year and we have just had the sad news that Yvonne died in St. Joseph’s Hospice on 15.8.16.

We are also sad to say that Josie Hobbs from 9 Baxendale Street died suddenly in July.

If anyone wants more info, including funeral arrangements, please contact us and we’ll forward the message to Carol.

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