Home Life, Where Do You Think You Live?

Home Life, Where Do You Think You Live? Is a photographic documentation by Marie Sleigh of the interiors and residents of the Victorian properties that make up the Jesus Hospital Estate in the East End of London.

The project is about the here and now and, freezing a moment in time, a celebration of those residents who currently live on the estate. The aim is for this body of work to be added to London’s East End archive reflecting a part of the East End’s landscape in terms of it’s interiors, objects and people.

The inspiration for the project came from an exhibition at the Geffrye Museum in 2009. The Exhibition was called ‘Ethelburga Tower: At Home in a high-rise’ by Mark Cowper. Cowper had the idea for the project in 1976 when he was a child and was interested in knowing how the interiors of the houses in his road would be different depending on the people that lived in them.

Call for participation
Marie aims to photograph as many houses on the estate as possible. It doesn’t matter if you own the property you are living in it or renting it, or if you have been here years or just moved in or even if you are just passing through, Marie would like to photograph you.

If you would like to take part in the project and be photographed in a room of your choice in your home, please contact Marie at 2 Elwin Street or contact her via our contact page, as she needs your support to make the project work.