Local Skills Register

(Note : I’ve just dumped this in here – I will tidy this up and make it more attractive/friendly)


We greatly value all your suggestions and comments relating to the Skills Register. If you have someone who has done some work for you (in whatever capacity) and you think they should be added to our Skills Register, please do add the recommendation. It’s so useful to have a local workforce we can trust. If you have used any of the people from the register and wish to comment on your experience, please do leave your message*


  • Greg 07887 481750
  • Imro Fekete 07855308566
  • Kasia 07856 125643
  • Preservations London Ltd (Graham) 020 7624 6464
  • Tiger Builders 020 8442 4362 07967 953667

Design & Architecture

Simon Mundy RIBA 07930 119941


  • Imro Fekete 07855308566

Carpets & Flooring

  • Melcleaners 0207 791 3515

Child Minders / Nannies

  • Sandra 07727006825

Cleaners & Household Chores

Paulina 07530592148 – Elena 07742 885887

Jane Jones 0207 613 3264

Liz Senior 07960017212


Charlie 07970 751882


Steven 07816522830

Garages / Car Mechanics

– Duo Motor, Vallance Road   0207 247 7773
– Lucky Motors, Camden Passage   020 7485 8162

General Handywork
– Kasia     07856 125643
– Imro Fekete    07855308566

– Parker Dairies   0208 520 5943 (deliver organic milk too!)

Painting and Decorating
– Imro Fekete   07855308566
– Karen Lockington   0208 449 8405

Plumbing & Heating
– Jimmy the Plumber & Heating 07827 321336
– Aiden   07914811182
– CW Plumbing & Heating Services (Colin Wood)
07723 383450  www.clearwaterplumbingandheatingltd.com/
– Guiseppe Pozzuto   020 7704 8356   07977 516237
– Imro Fekete   07855308566
– Yash Hussain   07904 231 251

Van Hire
– Boleyn Car & Van Hire  (73 Dalston Lane) 0207 254 0133

Window Cleaners
– Carl Carins   077988 92355

Yoga Teacher
– Jenny Box 0780 549 5422
   (Private & Group Lessons, Home or Studio) 

*Please be polite and fair – we do not have the money to defend a libel case!) Praise is very much welcomed as this reinforces the original recommendations. We could even develop a star system for those with the most positive feedback! Lists are in alphabetical order only.

AGM Now on Tuesday 25th Sept 2012

Quick update everyone. AGM Take II.

The annual general meeting will now be held on Tuesday 25th September 2012. All welcome. Agenda will be sent round prior to meeting.
Look forward to seeing many more of you there at this one. The draft agenda is shown below, please let me know if you would like any other agenda points.

  1. Approve minutes
  2. Year roundup from Chair
  3. Sign off Accounts
  4. General Business – Big Tea, JHERA support for curtain project at half-way house (Hackney Road Project), traffic calming
  5. Nominations and voting for officers and committee

The minutes are on the JHERA website in the “It’s Official…” members section.

Newsletter September 2011



The topic for this next general meeting is one for which we have received the most number of emails….. DRUGS! And anti-social behaviour around the issue of drug dealing.

Unfortunately, there has been a huge rise in the number and incidents of drug dealing in our area. People have been seen shooting up on Ion Square and on Baxendale Street in the morning; syringes are regularly found in the bushes. I have personally stumbled across one particular dealer counting out handfuls of wraps. The dealing is now so blatant that I’m sure you have all seen a deal going down at one point or another.

The good news is that after much negotiating and lobbying, we have persuaded the head of local policing to take firm and direct action and this will be happening over the coming weeks.

Come to the meeting to share what you know or see and find out how we can work together to move these dealers on.

On a happier note, there are some upcoming events for you to join:

Saturday 3 September from 17.00 : Free ale on the green if it’s sunny or Sunday 4 instead. Bring a mug or glass or tankard.

Sunday 18 September at 17.00: Bowling down Brick Lane. Get your teams together for a thrilling round of ten pin bowling. Children are very welcome – they supply edges and/or racks to make it easier for the kids. Subsidised cost for members is £5 (includes a drink). Email Wanda or pop a request through the door of 84 or phone 7366.9365 to book your places. Numbers are limited, so get in on the fun.

Docklands Museum: We are arranging an outing for the older folk to go to the Docklands Museum (looking like a date in October, tbc). Transport and teas will be provided for a small contribution. If you would like to come along for an interesting day out, please contact Carol Lindsay Smith on 020 77294405.

The website will soon be fully singing and dancing and there are some very useful aspects like the Noticeboard where we can sell unwanted items, offer things for free, get a reliable pet or house sitter etc. Once fully functioning, we’re sure you will find it your daily click. In the meanwhile, helpful suggestions are very welcome.

If you would be happy to go paper free to reduce our printing and paper costs (and be a bit more environmentally friendly), please email your email and sign up. Those renting, please do feel included and join in with activities. All are welcome.

We hope to see you at the next meeting on Tuesday, 13 September at 20.00.

Newsletter June 2011


The AGM is being held on a Saturday evening in the hope that some of you who have children will be able to attend. After the meeting, we will have a glass of wine (soft drinks and ice cream for the kids) and some nibbles. The only business on the agenda will be to approve the accounts, approve the re-­‐worked constitution and elect a committee.

To this end, we are inviting offers and suggestions from those who would be willing to serve on the committee. We are very much hoping that we can have a representative from each street (road or grove). This way the load can be shared and we can be sure of lots of input. Please put your names forward before the AGM to me at the usual email address. (see below)

Our thanks to those 34 households who responded to going paper free. Your support is much appreciated. If you would like to join in with trying to be more environmentally friendly and are happy to just get an email copy, please email with your name and address to [email protected]­‐pigs.demon.co.uk

Two recent events to report on. We had a fabulous wine tasting at Augustin’s wine shop on Ezra Street. We were treated to 6 examples of French wines with small tapas to accompany them. JHERA has bought some bottles of the most popular wines to have at the AGM.

Then, despite the weather, we had a wonderful Big Lunch picnic. The share table was absolutely laden with food. Our thanks to Sophie who organized it and to all those special people who helped in so many ways. Without you these events would not run nearly so smoothly.

Aine Ovenden did the face painting.
Races were organised by Ben Fletcher and Rob Newlan
Bunting came from Martin Orton .
Lemonade was made by Jessie and Damian Mlinaric, with Magnus and Stella Ice-­‐creams organised by Vanessa Kirkpatrick – it almost persuaded us the sun was shining.
Carol Lindsay-­‐Smith was the champion rubbish-­‐lady ensuring the green was left tidier than it started.
Tony Tedore created the food quiz and
Naomi Howarth drew the lovely leaflets with picnic games.
And thank goodness we were saved from the rain by Olivier Geoffroy’s amazing marquee

The choice for the winner of the poster competition was very difficult and we gave special commendations to 92 and 94 Barnet Grove, 8 and 18 Elwin Street,