JHERA committee members

Current JHERA Committee members.
The committee meets about once every two months and has a rolling chair. To contact the committee, please use the contact form here.

New committee members
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Debbie Peel Annie Derbyshire Marsha Aldridge
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Trevor Clein* Wendy Clein* Stella Harris
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Catherine Howarth Emma Iantosca Adam Marvel
I’ve been on Wimbolt Street since 2005, where I now live with my husband Olivier, a local furniture maker, and our two sons. My Mum, Gillie, is a neighbour on Wimbolt Street, and my brother, Charlie, lives on Durant Street. Suffice it to say, our family really loves it here! Jhera offers an opportunity to connect people together in this very special neighbourhood we all share, in ways that are for everyone’s practical benefit and in ways that just help people get to know each other and have some fun. Adam first lived in the neighborhood in 2003 and has been a board member of Jhera since moving back to the area in 2013. He works in renewables and social investment and enjoys hanging out on the green with his kids.
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Sean O’Callaghan
Robert Robinson Rex Thornborough
Columbia Road became my home in 1999, and I live here with Vanessa and our children, Lily and Jack who both attend C. Rd Primary School. I work in massively multi user/player technology, and as vice chair of national charity Family Action. Volunteering for JHERA is about putting something back into a community which has been so fantastic to be part of. After growing up in Bethnal Green, Rob returned to the area in 2012. He is keen to establish Jesus Green Sports Day as an annual fixture, and also harbours dreams of an outdoor cinema on the green in summer! I have been living here for the last 15 years and I joined the JHERA Committee because I believe that we should all do what we can to help improve the area in which we live, wherever that may be.
* Wendy and Trevor share their role on the committee.


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Alex Taylor
I’m not a JHERA committee member, but work on the website and help with communications. I’ve lived in East London for over 13 years. I live on Wimbolt Street with my partner Caroline, and children Marianne and Bertie, and dogs Penny and Alfie.